First post! Handy tips to speed up your PC/Laptop.

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Welcome to our first ever blog post! This page is where we'll share articles, guides, hints and tips, all for free to help you or your business understand and thrive in the world of IT.

At Wolfe Computing we want to help our home and business customers to get the most out of their devices, so this post will share some free tips on steps you can take to speed up your pc/laptop if it is not performing as well as it should be.

Does this look familiar?

1. Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is a free piece of software you can download and run in an instant ( This free software will run a full scan of your system to detect and remove any malware it finds. Malware is software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system, so it's very important to run regular scans to protect your devices from malware threats.

2. Start up programs

When software is installed on your device the majority of the time it is automatically set to open when windows starts up, this can not only slow down your pc but also leaves programs running when you might not even be using them, to speed up your pc to prevent this just follow these steps:

Windows 7: Click on the start button in the bottom left hand corner of your screen, then in the search box type in the word "run" then click the run command, once this new search box opens type in the word "msconfig" this will then open a window where you should see a tab labelled "startup" from here you can see all of the software which is set to automatically start up when windows does.

All you need to do is untick the box for the software you'd like to prevent from running on start up. Although it is important to remember that this should only apply to software you recognise, as preventing some pre-installed system software from running can cause further issues, so only disable the software you recognise e.g Google chrome, Skype etc.

Windows 10: Press the Ctrl, Alt & Delete keys on your keyboard, you should then see an option to open task manager, click on this and you will then see a tab at the top of task manager called "startup" as above from here you can then untick each option next to the software to prevent it from starting when your device first starts up.

3. Close unnecessary processes

Every time a piece of software runs it creates a new process which takes up system memory, your device will only have a certain amount of memory to run efficiently so if this is used up by too many processes this can slow down your pc, to see how many processes you have running follow these simple steps:

Press the Ctrl, Alt & Delete keys on your keyboard, you should then see an option to open task manager, once task manager is open you should see a tab at the top of task manager called "processes" if you click on this tab you will then see a full list of all of the processes currently running on your device, to speed things up you can right click on each process and click "end task" it is very important to remember that some processes in this list will be essential processes for windows itself and your programs to run and that it can cause serious problems if these are closed, so make sure that you only close processes you recognise which you know will not affect the running of your device e.g google chrome, Adobe Illustrator etc.

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